We cater to everyone's specific needs. Whether you are looking for a full portfolio build, to a casual family portrait session. Just tell us what you are looking for and we will find a package suitable to your budget. 

How We Work - Headshots/Modeling

Your photograph is the most important thing to get your career going. It's the first impression the casting director receives from you and plays a big decision in you being cast. Preparation is important to get the very best out of our session. 



All sessions include a free consultation (in studio or by phone, depending on availability) with myself to make sure everyone's on the same page for your session.  

Some basics that we usually recommend: 

  • Get some rest! You'll be surprised how well your face expresses your exhaustion.
  • Bring your old headshots or portfolio! If you have a friend whose portfolio appeals to you, bring that as well, so we can gauge the direction that you are looking to take.  



Clothing For Headshots


  • No Baggy Clothing
  • No hats or earrings (Women: Studs are ok)
  • Slacks and jeans are recommended for comfort
  • Solid colors that compliment you and your skin tone are recommended. Black is good.
  • No Plaids, Prints, or Patterns or any distractions on your clothing that takes away the focus from you.
  • Crew necks, V-necks, polo shirts and solid dress shirts are good. No to everything else.
  • Business casual is ok. For women blazers are fine, for men a blazer and tie are fine.
  • Bring a lot of variety and bring more than you need. It's better to have more than not enough.  
  • Not sure of a certain piece of clothing? Bring it and we'll determine if it works or not.  
  • It's important to feel good with what you are wearing. It shows up on camera. 

We recommend Reproductions for all your printing needs.