Frequently Asked Questions


It is completely understandable to have a lot of questions regarding your photoshoot.  Here's a few answers to some of the most common questions that you may have.  


How do I pick the images that I want edited?

After your photo session, a link will be sent to you via email with the proofs of all the images we shot. You make your final selections (either 5 or 10 images depending on the package that you chose) and those are the ones that I edit. The final edited images will be in the same link as the proofs in a separate file labeled "Finals".


Why do the proofs have "BlackHill Photography" written across it?

That is a watermark indicating that they are proofs.


Can I see the proofs without the watermark?

Unfortunately, it is against policy to send proofs without any watermarks. There are no exceptions. 


Can you make me look slimmer/change the shape of my nose/lose my chin?

Here at BlackHill Photography we are proud of the diversity of our clients and celebrate any flaws that society has decided to label your uniqueness. All final edited images include removal of minor blemishes including acne, minor scars, and stray hairs.  Also included are color correction, contrast and saturation adjustment and minimal skin smoothing. Advance editing (slimming of the waist and any other body manipulation) is available for an additional fee to account for the additional editing time, but is never recommended.