it's currently 6:05am on a Saturday morning. The typical person would be deep in slumber, and I wish I can be a part of that. But instead I've been up for the past hour in my computer editing. 

Your typical photo session doesn't just involve the time we spend together. It also involves my time in the editing room perfecting your images. And I absolutely love that. It's part of the job that no one really sees, but everyone appreciates when they see the final product. 

Is it easy waking up this early regularly for my clients? No. But it is something I  gladly do because I know the excitement my client has as they wait in anticipation to see what the results are of my hard work. And for that I am forever grateful. 

But that's enough talk.  Let me get back to work. Now, where's the coffee...  

Actor/BlackHill Family Member Emily L. 

Actor/BlackHill Family Member Emily L.