Have you ever done something crazy? I mean the kind of crazy that in the aftermath all you can do is look around and ask yourself what just happened? It's not just me is it?

Well. Let me tell you what's going on in my life. My wonderful wife is pregnant with our first child together and it's an amazing experience. At the same time, I handled problems near and far the best way I know how. One at a time and in my own silence. All problems have been solved. Now that that is over, what happens? I decide to make the big move and open my own photo studio!!!!

A place I can call my own. I place where I can create with no boundaries and limitations. Where if something breaks it is only on me. AND I am perfectly fine with that. At first I want to say I am scared. But honestly, I'm not. I know hard work will pay off. I have my faith and my wife to keep me from going insane. 

And that's the interesting thing. I have my faith and that has soothed me in my toughest moments. That is why I felt this is the right time to do this. I'm scared...but excited. Not because of what might happen. But because of the journey that I believe God is taking me. And trust me. My journey to where I'm at today has been a very interesting one. Maybe I'll write about that next time. Stay tuned everyone. And just wait to see what crazy thing I do next!