OK, I'll admit it. I love what I do. Really. I get to work with some world class talent at the same time have an absolute blast in the process. What more can I ask for?

While shooting Erika a couple of weeks ago made me think about a lot of things. Can you really call this work?

I should smile more. :-)

I should smile more. :-)

The atmosphere is always light and fun and exciting. At the same time I get a chance to meet new friends. Anyone who works with me becomes a member of my BlackHill Family. And I do take that seriously. Every person I have worked with, so far, has become a part of my life and always for the better. Creating new memories is always worth the effort.

Music is always playing, smiles are always shared. InstaGram selfies are taken. And this is work?


Besides spending it with friends I always end up with spending it with my incredible assistant/Wife. My rock. My reason that BlackHill blossomed. She is a true blessing in my life and her smile is absolutely contagious. 

So I work with my best friend. And we share laughs together as we make new friends. And I love my life for that. I'll  talk to you guys later.

God Bless...