I told myself I was going to write this on New Years Day. But instead life decided to keep me busy the beginning of the year. :-)

As each day progresses, I have been fine-tuning my vision for BlackHill and what that means to me. 

At first my goal was " I want to take pictures!". As the years progressed and I learned different techniques and methods to use light, my goals changed. Now, years later, I have a more fine tuned goal that is more than " I want to take pictures."

"I want to capture the moments of your life that brings out your inner beauty and place it center stage for the world to see..."

I long for those moments. Those moments when I capture the small nuances of your physical features and combine them with light to capture the type of beauty that many find so hard to see for themselves.

I am blessed to have been giving this talent. I am far from confident with my art. I just need to express myself artistically. And in my eyes, the whole world is my canvas. Stay tuned. Let's see what I come up with next.

God Bless.