I kind of made a promise to myself to stay as honest as possible when I write a blog post. I'm not sure if I'll ever offend anyone but if does let me apologize now. Sorry. 

Photography is an art form. like painting and other forms of art, the tools are pretty much the same and important to the final product. Technique and concepts are also very important. If I didn't know the basic fundamentals of lighting and camera techniques, then how would my work ever come out the way I wanted?

But, just like other art forms, there is something else that is important to a finished product that no amount of technique or equipment equals. And that is the artistic vision of the artist. I could have, and use, all the greatest equipment out there. Or I could go to all the best photography schools and attend seminars of some great photographers. But, without my own vision of what I want in an image, it's all for nothing. 

That's what it all comes down to it. Phew...

Now that I got that all out of the way, I hope you guys are enjoying my website. Stay tuned for more images as they come up. :-)