If you are an actor going in and out of auditions, then you know the importance of your headshots. Don't you? 

They are the first images a casting director sees of you. The image that will help them decide if they will want you in their upcoming production. That image has the potential to make or break your career in your chosen field.  

It is important to have an image that represents you at your very best, but also at your most natural. Your most relaxed look to show them that you are comfortable. Not in front of a camera, but in front of anybody.

You must be able to have images that reflect the various emotions and personalities that they will ask you to portray. Whether happy and full of joy. To somber and depressed. To the average joe next door. That one image must represent all that...and I am responsible to take that image for you. 

If you keep going to auditions without any callbacks, it might not be you. It might be your headshot...think about that. Now think of what I can do for you. :-). Have a good night and stay blessed.